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Our Services

Services we provide

Personal, Domestic & Specialist

Browse through the wide range of services we provide here at Tender Loving Carers.

Please note that the services listed below is not exhaustive and all services are designed around the individual’s needs and choices.

Personal Care

Support with getting up and going to bed

Getting dressed and undressed


Feet soaking/washing

Hair care-washing/drying


Teeth cleaning

Applying creams

Assistance in toileting

Assistance with incontinence

Assistance with catheters, convenes and stoma

Managing Medication

Support with eating and drinking, monitoring nutrition/fluid intake

Making appointments with health care professionals

Escorting to appointments

Respite support for family

Befriending/encouraging independence

Planning for emergencies

Sleep ins / Wake nights

Visits range from ½ hour upwards


Blitz Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Every day vacuuming and dusting

Cleaning of toilets, commodes and bathrooms

Changing and making beds

Laundry and Ironing


Meal Preparation (Breakfast, Lunch, Tea and Supper)

Shopping (Accompanied or Unaccompanied)

Accompanying on a walk

Walking Pets

Feeding Pet

Everyday Vacuuming

Washing of floors

Personal Assistance

Help with form filling

Help with Phone calls

Prescription pick up

Attending appointments with client

Accompanying socialising and companionship

Chaperone for day trips, holidays

Help with paying bills

Chaperone/scribe for college

Support with leisure activities

Sitting service, day or night

Help with exercise


Menu Planning

Planning for emergencies

A young health visitor putting on slippers on a senior woman at home.

Specialist Support

Learning Disabilities





Physical disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy

Hearing and sight impairment

Basic health care support

Moderate to severe Dementia/Alzheimer’s

Exercise programme by trained carers suited to your needs and capabilities to improve strength and independence.

Multiple Sclerosis

Motor Neurones


Myalgic Encephal Omyelitis (ME)

Rehabilitation which encourages self care and independence, Short and long term

End of life / Palliative care

Mobile Shower / Bath service

Individually trained staff for undertaking PEG feeding

Our trained staff are available day and night, Starting from as little as 30-minute visits to 24hrs a day.

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive and all services are designed around the individual’s needs and choices.